Peer Positive

From doing for, to doing with.

The Peer Positive initiative is dedicated to helping social service and mental health organizations to involve peers and community members in the design, delivery, and review of all services and supports.

Services are better when peers are engaged

When people are treated as partners in service, it increases their quality of life, improves health outcomes, increases service provider impact, and creates long-term savings in service delivery costs.


How are you engaging peers?

Increasing the meaningful engagement of peers in services is a work-in-progress. The Peer Positive initiative can help you plan for the needs of your organization and community.


Learn new ways of asking, listening, thinking, and doing

You can develop the skills that you need to help your organization meaningfully partner with peers in the design, delivery, and review of services.

We’re in this together

Peer Positive is a community of peers and professionals helping each other to change how services work. The initiative offers structured implementation supports to help organizations realize their peer engagement goals.