Peer Positive

From doing for, to doing with.

The Peer Positive initiative is dedicated to helping social service and mental health organizations to involve peers and community members in the design, delivery, and review of all services and supports.



The Peer Positive initiative grew out of work done by the Northwest Toronto Service Collaborative. The Service Collaborative is a group of over fifty service providers from different social service sectors, service users, and community members from North York and City of York.  These individuals and organizations came together to establish a systems-level change to improve the experiences of children and youth with mental health and addictions needs and their families.  

For a look at some of the initial ground work that helped to determine the focus on peer engagement, check out the Collaborative’s Needs Validation report. 

For more information or to get involved, contact Josina Vink (Regional Implementation Coordinator, CAMH).

The Northwest Toronto Service Collaborative is one of 18 Service Collaboratives that established as a part of Ontario's Comprehensive Mental Health and Addictions Strategy. To learn more about Service Collaboratives across Ontario, visit:


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